The Collision of Worlds: Exploring the Complexities and Tradeoffs of Integration in Education

By Michaela Echols (‘21)
The social integration of schools serves as one of the key components of improvement in educational landscapes worldwide. The social stratification that has defined many educational landscapes has resulted in the marginalization of students from lower socio-economic status (SES) backgrounds and/or who belong to minority groups. Social integration has been recognized as an equalizer of sorts simply because it places these students in the same building.

C. Wright Mills: Intellectual, Revolutionary, Or Both?

By Max Forbes (‘23)
It seems natural that the upstart movements that characterized the 1960s in America began with someone who went against the grain, the firebrand sociologist C. Wright Mills. The leather jacket-wearing and motorcycle-riding Texan turned New Yorker fit in nicely with the rebellious aesthetic of the ‘60s, but it was his ideas that mattered the most in spawning the decade that many say changed America forever.